Monday, July 25, 2016

I'm Sorry: A Letter to my Heart

I'm sorry for not protecting you.
I'm sorry for letting the mind wander and allowing us to believe in fantasies.
I'm sorry that I never built a wall around you.
I'm sorry for giving you away so freely.
I'm sorry for letting so many people hurt you.
I'm sorry for being so careless.
I'm sorry for not being strong enough for you.

I vow to change for you.
I vow to be stronger for you.
I vow to build a wall around you, protect you.
I vow to be more careful of those who can hold you.
I vow to love and respect you for as long as you beat inside me.
I vow to treasure you, as others should too.

You're my only heart. A special heart.

I'm sorry, but I vow to you.