Sunday, July 24, 2016

Trying to Get Fit - Week 4 - No Progress but it's not going to end here...

Weight - 150.8

So I didn't get much done on my first month unfortunately.
I think the only thing I have been able to do is cook more at least. I haven't been eating junk food or going out as much which is good for my wallet.
Though I can't seem to stay away from sweets to save my life. There is this challenge on Sparkpeople that I tried to start once but unfortunately I never finished it and had to restart it a few times. It's called "The Sweet Tooth Challenge" and it's basically trying to stop your cravings (or calm them down) for sweets. I may need to look back into that but I'm not on Sparkepople very much like I used to be.

I'm going to try again this week. Going to try and work out. I got access to the gym in my new place now, and they have ellipticals which are my favorite machine to work out on. The access is 24 hours as well, so it will make things easy on me.
I really wish I had a different set of workout clothes tho. I may go shopping when I get paid this week. The shorts really get on my nerves because they slide down and when I pull them up...I feel like my butt cheeks are everywhere and no thanks.

I do have another set but I feel like it's more for winter, and I could use some new tennis shoes....
Now I'm rambling.

I'm only hoping that this week I can start it. I've been very good on bogging, because I'm usually terrible at it, but going good so far.

Now if only I could get my ass out of bed and work out...


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