Sunday, July 3, 2016

Trying to get Fit - Week 1

Weight: 149.6

The first week, is the hardest week.

I was having the worst time getting out of bed and getting my sleep schedule re-cycled.
I haven't been tracking my food or exercising just yet.
There's still some things in my room that haven't gotten unpacked.

I really think the hardest part for me on doing this is motivation. Well, I do have motivation but, apparently not enough to get my ass out of bed when my alarm goes off.

I have a basic menu of food that I still haven't put up in Sparkpeople either.

I'm off early tomorrow and should probably get to that.

It's 4th of July, but there doesn't seem to be anything going on.
I could go to the lake and watch the fireworks, but last time it was really hard to do and no idea how the parking will be.
Downtown parking is hard.

I find myself still trying to settle in here in the new place.
There's so much stuff for me to get, like shelves and really settle in but I suppose that is for later.

Not much to say for this blog post considering that I am very sleepy and not much happened as it should have this week. I have to be a bit harder on myself to get things done!!

- Suzie

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