Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trying to Get Fit - Week 7

Weight - 150.6

Well, I didn't lose a pound, but I didn't gain one either!
I count that as a very tiny victory, and a sigh of relief. Sometimes the scale scares me. My Saturdays are usually started with an anxious feeling when I get up, because I know that I have to get on the scale and it's going to tell me if I did good this week.
However, that's changed a little bit. Even though it is helping me mark my progress, I'm going to try and start a bit of a new this week, and hopefully moving forward.
I'll still be tracking my weight, but instead of being bogged down by it, I'll just shrug and mark. I won't sigh or anything, but if I do lose, I will dance. It's an important factor to me, but I don't want it to rule my emotions too much.

On Week 5, I had mentioned a Sweet Tooth Challenge.
I had to restart that challenge because I was too busy to do the tasks ahead of me. I started it again a few days ago, and am on Day 3, but still struggling with Day 2, even though it has passed.
Day 2 is only consisting of journaling what causes my cravings. It shouldn't be that hard, right? I guess because I've been so busy and tired, it has been a little bit of a harder task.
Day 3 wasn't so difficult. All I had to do was find a friend to support me. I knew who to ask, and they have graciously accepted to help me in this. I still have some Oreos, Nutella and ice cream in here. I'm considering getting rid of it, though I think getting rid of the Nutella will make me cry.
I just have to keep myself in check for 18 more days. I've bought apples which have natural suigar, and I have some plums, peaches, grapes, mangos and baby carrots to keep me occupied. Let's just hope I don't go back on the sugar binge.

I also started another challenge on Sparkpeople. The 30-Day Small Changes Challenge. Pretty self-explanatory. 30 Days and making small changes. I posted on my Instagram today a healthy snack I had today. Grapes, crackers and cheese. Usually I'd go for chips, but today was not that day! Well, I could have had the pita chips, which I believe to be the healthier option but I decided against it.
With this Challenge, I am also on Day 3 which consistes of having a healhy breakfast. I had Honey Bunches of Oats and some milk, with a side of coffee with creamer. I'm counting that for sure. The coffee was probably not the best idea but I needed a bit of a pick me up. Plus, coffee hasn't been revving me up much lately so it's almost useless and probably needs to because a treat rather than a daily thing.
Still trying to find some natural caffeine.

Good news, I did manage to do 3 days of exercise this week, and at least 1 day of strength training. I need to do those more often, but I feel good. I also did 10 minutes of cardio today while watching T.V. It was a little weird, but it was nice and I felt energized.

Did a lot of chores this Sunday. Grocery shopping, laundry (clothes, towels and sheets), and I cooked two meals. One which is currently in the oven. Late dinner but I also had a late lunch. Though, my body is used to both with my work shifts. I'm hoping one day I can work earlier shifts. We'll see!

I'm hoping for a 2 lb loss next week. Keep your fingers crossed!


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